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looking for English yoga class online?


Hi, It's Mika!

If you haven’t took any of online yoga-class, you might think 'how does it work?'

However, the online classes are actually better than you think.

Working from home make your body stiff, especially if you are staying at your desk all day. Lower back pain, stiff neck, shoulders...your body needs stretch!

During the online session, teacher can check how the alignment of your poses through the camera, and give advises on time. Although because there’s no adjustment physically, teacher requires a lot of explanation verbally. So you can also focus exploring your body deeply by listening carefully compare to the normal lesson.

And the best thing about online-class is, you can stay home! You can do your practice at your comfort, no change, no make up and easy! Plus, my class is limited up to 5 people so that I’ll be able to actively correct & teach.

How the online class goes:

1. Book an appointment

2. Receive an URL for zoom meeting

3. Open the zoom and connect it before 5-10 mins of class

4. Enjoy!

Class schedule:

Sunday 11:00-12:00

Thursday 19:00-20:00

Before the class:

1. Prepare your room

have enough space about at least a yoga mat size. Just avoid breaking anything in your room, check if you can spread the arms to the side and feet wide apart!

2. Set up the camera (PC is easier than smartphone)

Before the class start try to see if you can show yourself in the middle of the display.

3. Have a yoga mat, or the large towel.

Toilet rolls are alternate option as yoga blocks

Or thick book like dictionary, water bottles… to support your poses if you need!

My online lessons will offer you a full-body relaxation and keep you away from stress.

In this class, postures are practiced to align and the foundations of breath-work.

Do yoga, stay healthy!

I was introduced on Tokyo Cheapo's article by a friend, Greg Lane.

Other interesting posts about how to keep you busy at home, must read.





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